As I’ve shared I am separated and getting a divorce. Check Out this Video

I have not even told some of my family this because of the backlash. The you should work it outs, and all the other nonsense that translates to “Fuck your happiness stay married”

While I tried to maintain my relationship and work it out; it took everything out of me, especially my confidence and self esteem. With all of that happening I stayed in my bad relationship for a while.

Why I Stayed In My Bad Relationship: 

  1. I felt like this was the best I could do and it was as good as it gets. I really felt like I couldn’t do any better. 
  2. I was manipulated. Every time I hinted that I was leaving I was threathened, since I’m being totally honest here deportation was one of those threats. I wasn’t here illegally I was waiting on my green card and my work authorization was expiring. (I just didn’t know any better so his threats of knowing people and getting my green card revoked worked). 
  3. I was 80% financially dependent on him. 
  4. I didn’t want to disappoint people around. I was ready and willing to be unhappy just not to disappoint people close to me or admit that it didn’t work. (In fact I actually disappointed some people by staying. I was depressed and not fun to be around)
  5. I was afraid to lose what I had. Though I knew what I had wasn’t perfect I felt like having that was better than whatever else was out there.

Have you ever stayed in a bad relationship? Why? 

If you left right away what prompted you end it? 

That Equifax breach was outrageous right? When they finally reported it is a whole other story. 

But Here’s What You Can Do: 

Review your credit report. You can get a credit report for free by visiting, once each year. This will include pages and pages of your life! Stalker’s paradise. Information from all three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Doesn’t include a score though.

Consider a Credit Monitoring Service. There are services that can monitor your credit for suspicious activity – but fees and trial periods watch out for those. If you need to enter credit card info, abort. Check to see if any of your lenders offer free credit monitoring and look for truly free services.

I opened my first line of credit less than a year ago, when I made the decision to permanently live in the U.S. I was overly cautious, and probably just over did it. Three lines of credit I opened offered credit monitoring which I used, and I signed up for free credit monitoring by other financial institutions and. Well here is the list:

  • Credit Karma
  • Credit Sesame
  • Transunion
  • Chase Credit Journey
  • Capital One Credit Wise
  • Discover Free Credit Score

You really don’t need to use that many. Your credit will pretty much be the same in each, they all get updated at different times and pull info from different bureaus. 

Consider a Credit Freeze. If you aren’t applying for any new loans, or opening a new line of credit consider freezing your credit. 

Cause sings “I don’t need no frauds” LOL. Song came to my mind.

But seriously, this prevents frauds from trying to open new lines of credit. Lenders you already use will still have access to your credit.

To place a freeze on your credit, you must submit to all three bureaus:

Create a fraud alert. If you opt against a credit freeze, consider putting a fraud alert on file. This will warn creditors that your information was compromised, and require them to verify your identity before establishing any new accounts. Instructions are available here. 

What do you think of this breach? And what do you think about how long they took to report it? 

Getting a new puppy is exciting. This guide has been created based on a New York Apartment Living and my experience getting a new puppy. 

Before Your Puppy Comes Home

  • Clean and sanitize with a pet friendly enzyme cleaner – I suggest one with a scent (Avoid ammonia based products for these two reasons it’s harmful to does and the smell makes dogs think it’s okay to pee there. 
  • Set up pet area. Puppy Area Set Up for Apartment Living

This Can Be Done During Pick up if you are picking him up from a Pet Store that sells supplies.

  • Dry Food specifically for puupies. This ensures they get all required nutrients. I suggest you find out what he ate at the store, or shelter and I suggest getting that at least for the first week to avoid any stomach/diarrhea issues. 
  • Wet Food. The first few days your puppy may not be used to it’s surroundings so he may not eat. Wet food helps. 
  • Treats for Training
  • Activity Treats. Ex. Bones, Bully Stick, Treatball, etc.
  • Toys – be sure to get some teething toys. 
  • Collar or Harness
  • Leash
  • ID Tag
  • Puppy Training Pads

At the Pet Store or Shelter be sure to get (varies by situation):

  • Puppy Medical Records, Vaccination History
  • Receipt/Contracts
  • Any Certifications and Ownership Transfer Documents

Enjoy Your New Puppy 

I hope this list helps. I am not a dog trainer/breeder, etc. 

I have depended on personal trainers because of my progressive laziness when it comes to working out. After booking them you pretty much have to go, so well no excuses unless you like throwing out hundreds of dollars. 

So after getting a new job, I had to switch my trainer, I definitely dragged my feet doing that. After about 6 weeks of half ass-ing my frequency of going to the gym and pretty much barely working out I decided it was time for me to get a new trainer. 

My boyfriend also tells me not to get a personal trainer; I am capable of working out on my own. However I continuously ignored him and got personal trainers for a reason that will be explained later. 

I have had 3 trainers prior who were all really great, however this trainer was not great (for me). He was not inspiring at all, or motivating. I spent our session motivating and hyping up myself. I need that from my trainer; pretty much the reason I actually need a trainer. He’s a great trainer but not for me. 

But anyways after my sessions with him, I realized I motivated and hyped myself up and I can actually do that on my own. So I won’t be getting another personal trainer. I’ll probably sign up to a subscription like Daily Burn or something. 

Do you have a personal trainer? Would you get one? Share your personal training experience. 

Hey guys, in my last vlog when I took my puppy Charlie for a walk, I posted my puppy confinement area set up and said I would show you. Here it is: 

Things I Used:

  • Crate
  • Crate Cover, Towel or Blanket
  • Bed for Crate
  • Play Area Foam Mat (optional, I have hard wood floors foam mat makes cleaning accidents easier, also soft and comfy for Charlie)
  • Dog Bowls
  • Dog Feeding Mat (Optional)
  • Panel Play Pen with Gate
  • Training Pad Holder (with Training Pad) (Training Pad holder is optional)
  • Night Lights (Optional)

The key to setting this up is to have 4 main areas; sleep, eat, poop and space for your puppy to play. Ideally the pooping area should be at the furthest point from the sleeping area, however apartments and space are different and so are puppies. I’ll illustrate 2 ideas which I have used for my Charlie 

  1. My Current Set Up 
  2. My Previous Hallway Set Up Do you have great puppy set up? Please share below