I have depended on personal trainers because of my progressive laziness when it comes to working out. After booking them you pretty much have to go, so well no excuses unless you like throwing out hundreds of dollars. 

So after getting a new job, I had to switch my trainer, I definitely dragged my feet doing that. After about 6 weeks of half ass-ing my frequency of going to the gym and pretty much barely working out I decided it was time for me to get a new trainer. 

My boyfriend also tells me not to get a personal trainer; I am capable of working out on my own. However I continuously ignored him and got personal trainers for a reason that will be explained later. 

I have had 3 trainers prior who were all really great, however this trainer was not great (for me). He was not inspiring at all, or motivating. I spent our session motivating and hyping up myself. I need that from my trainer; pretty much the reason I actually need a trainer. He’s a great trainer but not for me. 

But anyways after my sessions with him, I realized I motivated and hyped myself up and I can actually do that on my own. So I won’t be getting another personal trainer. I’ll probably sign up to a subscription like Daily Burn or something. 

Do you have a personal trainer? Would you get one? Share your personal training experience. 

I like drinking tea, it’s apart of my life, growing up in the Caribbean I pretty much had a  tea garden outside. I would just step outside, pick some leaves, rinse, trim, boil and enjoy. Yes I knew what tea bags were, but why buy tea bags when there where about 15 different tea leaves freshly going outside. 

First I don’t think you can drink tea and just lose weight; I wish but it doesn’t work like that. Diet and exercise are key also. The Tea I am using is Skinny Mint Tea Morning Boost and Night Cleanse (and nope they are not paying me for this post nor do I receive any compensation if you make a purchase); I just got this tea (a tea bag really) from a friend and liked it and went ahead and purchased it. I am pretty sure you can try these recipes with any other two part detox tea.  I am a Computer Consultant and a company owner; work is crazy and I can’t always make the tea before hand or keep fruit in my bag (I have forgotten fruit in my bag not fun). I went on a search to find natural sugar free flavors and I discovered True Citrus on Amazon. (I am an Amazon Affiliate I will be compensated if you purchase this) 


For each recipe simply add 1 tea bag or serving of tea for the loose leaf type for 4-5 minutes in nearly boiling water, then add additional ingredients (Mix if necessary) or follow the directions on your detox tea then add additional ingredients. recipes are good for roughly 12-20 oz of water. 


Orange Booster

  • 1-2 Packets of TRUE Orange or 2-3 Orange Slices
  • Skinny Mint Morning Boost or Day Time Detox Tea of Your Choice

Afternoon Citrus Blast

  • 1 Packet of TRUE Grapefruit or 1-2 grapefruit slices
  • 1 Packet of TRUE Orange or 1-2 orange slices
  • Skinny Mint Morning Boost or Day Time Detox Tea of Your Choice

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So I have been off and on with my fitness and health goals for years. Sometimes you can not keep me out the gym and sometimes I rather die than workout.I never used to work out much and I always had an active lifestyle. I lived in a different country, all the food was organic (This is sure because I went into my back yard and picked it) the weather was always warm and running to the beach was a daily activity.

When I hit 20 I noticed I started gaining weight, I just started being a full time adult, lol; I had been in New York for 3 years and had just started my first full time job. 

So there is no one way to make the gym a habit. It takes motivation and what you need to do is find out how to get yourself motivated and keep yourself motivated. If you aren’t able to stay motivated do not give up, keep trying to motivate yourself if it’s something you really want. 

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I won’t go on about the benefits of meditation. You can Google that.

So I normally meditate here and there. Not as much I should, it’s always easier to rant, rave and tell someone. The first thing is never to calm down and meditate.. Until later in the day I say to myself “I should have just meditated”

However my boyfriend is huge on meditation and spirituality. so he encourages me to meditate more and I do. However this isn’t about my relationship. The inner peace is real.

Go Meditate!!!