So I have been iffy about actually typing this because I felt like it was getting too personal but on of the topics I cover is relationships and friendship are relationships. So for the week I only spoke to 3 girls and I went on a girlfriend date with an old friend. 

The scope of this is not necessarily just me talking about making friends, but just the entire progress of talking to other girls with intent being friends. I can go up and talk to a guy and be friends or more without being nervous. In other states and countries it’s easy to strike up a conversation with others and build a friendship. However it’s pretty a bit more nerve wrecking to go up to a girl and just have a quick chat and start a friendship in Manhattan. People are always busy and going somewhere, and are probably on guard because well people come up with create ways to pan handle. 

My Girl Date: So my girl date with an old friend. 

Background: I’ve known her for about 4 years, we communicated mostly on social media because that’s her preference. We hang out 2-3 times a year because she live 1.5 hrs away, and she works on weekends when I am generally free and able to commute. 

Date: She spent the entire time on the phone,  or posting on social media. She was so into her phone she left without actually saying “bye.” I’m actually still in WTF mode because I’ve never seen that.  

My friend is newly single and she had been in a committed domestic partnership the entire time I’ve known her. In the past when we went out she’s never been this fixated on her phone and social media, we’ve also went out on double and group dates also.

Because I’m in a relationship I don’t think I should only have friends who are in relationships. I’d have to change my friends every time my relationship status changed. 

Do you think people in relationships should only have friends also in relationships?



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