I have depended on personal trainers because of my progressive laziness when it comes to working out. After booking them you pretty much have to go, so well no excuses unless you like throwing out hundreds of dollars. 

So after getting a new job, I had to switch my trainer, I definitely dragged my feet doing that. After about 6 weeks of half ass-ing my frequency of going to the gym and pretty much barely working out I decided it was time for me to get a new trainer. 

My boyfriend also tells me not to get a personal trainer; I am capable of working out on my own. However I continuously ignored him and got personal trainers for a reason that will be explained later. 

I have had 3 trainers prior who were all really great, however this trainer was not great (for me). He was not inspiring at all, or motivating. I spent our session motivating and hyping up myself. I need that from my trainer; pretty much the reason I actually need a trainer. He’s a great trainer but not for me. 

But anyways after my sessions with him, I realized I motivated and hyped myself up and I can actually do that on my own. So I won’t be getting another personal trainer. I’ll probably sign up to a subscription like Daily Burn or something. 

Do you have a personal trainer? Would you get one? Share your personal training experience. 



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